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1. What is the purpose of this safety project?
The goal of this project is to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes at the location where 14th Street merges onto eastbound Cornhusker Highway (U.S. 6).


2. How is this project funded?
Ninety percent of the project is funded by Federal Transportation funds. The remaining funding is split 50/50 between NDOR safety funds and local (City of Lincoln) funds.


3. Are alternative solutions being evaluated to address the crashes that have been reported at this location?
Yes. Multiple project alternatives were evaluated and discussed at an Open House that was held on April 10, 2014. The general public was invited to review the design options and provide input to representatives that were on hand from the City of Lincoln, NDOR and Schemmer.


4. Is public opinion considered for the selection of the intersection design?
Decisions are based on engineering data, environmental considerations (impacts), safety, cost and public input.

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