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Project Description

This project will evaluate and provide alternatives to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes for the on-ramp to eastbound U.S. 6 (Cornhusker Highway) from the N. 14th Street in the City of Lincoln. This may include reconstruction of the intersection at N. 14th Street with the eastbound U.S. Highway 6 off-ramp and portions of U.S. Highway 6.

Currently, there are two obstacles the motoring public is faced with at this location:

    • Limited sight distance, caused by the N. 14th Street bridge, for drivers looking to the west for gaps in eastbound Cornhusker Highway traffic.
    • Lack of an acceleration lane for N. 14th Street traffic merging onto eastbound Cornhusker Highway.

These factors have contributed to 90 crashes within a five-year period.

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