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Alternative B

Alternative B – Loop Ramp with Roundabout

In this alternative, a 500-foot acceleration lane would be provided, however, the on-ramp is in the form of a “loop” ramp, shifted to the west side of N. 14th Street. By relocating the on-ramp from one side of N. 14th Street to the other, the left-turns and right-turns from N. 14th Street to the on-ramp are changed. (Example: northbound N. 14th Street traffic wanting to access eastbound Cornhusker Highway must make a right turn off of N. 14th Street under existing conditions. In Alternative B, this vehicle would make a left-turn off of N. 14th Street). The intersection formed by N. 14th Street and both the on-ramp and off-ramp would be in the form of a roundabout. Similar to Alternative A, the eastbound through lanes in Cornhusker Highway would be shifted six feet to the north to accommodate an acceleration lane that would be included with this alternative.

ALT B Roundabout Figure